Special Guests MARTY O’DONNELL (Halo, Destiny) and ELLEN MCLAIN (Voice of GLaDOS from Portal)


“A digital and musical sensory overload!”
The Village Voice

“Video Games Live is ingenious and fantastic!”
The Los Angeles Times

“It’s a feast for the eyes and the ears!”
The Seattle Times

Saturday, July 8, 2017  8 PM
Tickets $25 – $76

Paramount Theatre
911 Pine St, Seattle, WA

Event Link:

(Seattle, Washington) – Video Games Live continues its 2017/2018 16 month 64 date Guinness World Record holding tour with a special show!  STG presents the return of VIDEO GAMES LIVE to the Paramount Theatre in Seattle with a NEW SHOW!  Hosted and produced by game industry superstar Tommy Tallarico with special guest performances by Marty O’Donnell, composer of the Halo Series and Ellen McClain, famed singer and voice-over actress (GLaDOS) from the award-winning Portal series. Ellen will be performing the World Premiere of “Cara Mia Addio” aka the Turret Opera from Portal 2.  The show will be conducted by film, TV & video game composer Emmanuel Fratianni and featuring special guest soloist Laura “Flute Link” Intravia.  Dress up as your favorite gamer for a pre-show costume contest, prize giveaways, and interactive game demos. Don’t miss this stunning performance featuring a full symphony, a choir and accomplished soloists, all accompanied by state-of-the-art synchronized video and lighting effects, electronic percussion, live action, and unique interactive segments that combine for an explosive entertainment experience taking place on Saturday, July 8, 2017 8 PM at the Paramount Theatre.

VIDEO GAMES LIVE is an immersive, interactive concert experience that combines the energy of a rock concert with the power and emotion of a symphonic performance.  The new setlist for 2017 will feature music from Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Halo, Warcraft, Donkey Kong Country, Phoenix Wright, Kingdom Hearts, Journey, ICO, Tetris, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid AND MANY MORE!  Gamers can help to create the setlist by recommending games at the Video Games Live Facebook Events Page:

This is a one-of-a-kind experience for all ages – gamers and non-gamers alike – and an ideal way to introduce new audiences to the power of symphonic music.

About Tommy Tallarico:  Tommy Tallarico is a veritable video game industry icon. As one of the most successful video game composers in history, he has helped revolutionize the gaming world, creating unique audio landscapes that enhance the video gaming experience.  Tallarico has been writing music for video games for more than 28 years. He has won over 50 industry awards and has worked on more than 300 game titles. Tommy holds 5 Guinness World Records including the person who has worked on the most video games. His top titles include Earthworm Jim, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Disney’s Aladdin, Spider-Man and Metroid Prime as well as top selling popular game franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, Madden Football, Mortal Kombat, Time Crisis, Unreal, Lineage, James Bond, Blitz Football, Knockout Kings, Test Drive, Scooby Doo, WWE & Twisted Metal. Tommy is a cousin of rock star legend Steven Tyler (nee Tallarico).

About Marty O’Donnell:  Marty O’Donnell is a composer known for his work on video games such as MythOniHalo franchise, and Destiny. O’Donnell began his music career writing television and radio jingles such as the FlintStones vitamins song and scoring for radio stations and films. O’Donnell’s score to the Halo trilogy has been called iconic, earning him several awards, and the commercial soundtrack release of the music to Halo 2 was the best-selling video game soundtrack of all time in the United States.

About Ellen McLain:  Ellen McLain is an American opera singer and voice actress from Nashville, Tennessee. She is best known for providing the voice of GLaDOS, the computer antagonist of the Portalvideo game series. Her voice roles also include the Jaeger A.I. in Pacific Rim, the Combine Overwatch in Half-Life 2 and the Administrator, the narrator of the video game Team Fortress 2.

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The Church in the Darkness is one of Time Magazines most anticipated game of 2017!

From new takes on old franchises to entries for all-new platforms, these are the titles we most want to play

Every gaming year’s most anticipated list feels like a mashup of aspiration and prudence, a medley of punchy independent efforts squaring off with titanic franchises designed to reel in loyal fans by the gazillions.

Not that sequels have to be stale. I can’t wait to try Mass Effect: Andromeda, for example, after the triumphs of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Halo Wars 2 revisits the original Xbox 360 game’s laudable, subversive approach to a genre generally inseparable from keyboard and mouse. The Persona games practically make reinvention their watchword. And does anyone really want to gripe about a Red Dead prequel?


Complete Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Here’s a nice review of Jim French Productions’ release of the Complete Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Ellen is on several of the episodes, her husband John Patrick Lowrie – Actor/Writer – Voice Actor in 20+ video games plays Sherlock. Enjoy! And pick up a copy!

The Church in the Darkness

Check is this article on the game that Ellen McLain and her husband John Patrick Lowrie worked on recently!

GLaDOS’ Song

This is a song that Ellen wrote as an easter egg for Portal 2. It was never used, but when Jagger Gravning heard it while interviewing Ellen and John for a profile on Vice Magazine, he took them into the studio to record it.

GLaDOS and The Sniper: A Voice Acting Love Story

Ellen McLain, the voice behind the murderous artificial intelligence GLaDOS from the Portal series, and her husband, John Patrick Lowrie, who voices The Sni​per from the game Team Fortress 2, are nothing if not adorable.

The celebrity of the characters they portray may not be readily apparent for the ​minority of Americans who don’t play video games. But the games they have worked on have won multiple British Academy Awards (the UK Academy Awards have a video game category), sold out 10,000-seat stadium esports events in under an hour, and raked in hundreds of millions of dollars annually for at least one of their publishers. Ellen and John, and their decade-spanning body of work, are at the epicenter of the video game voice acting universe. During a recent recording session at a dimly lit Seattle studio, the couple gave me a demonstration of how they work.


Dancing With Eternity Promo Video

Throw Back Thursday

IMS International Music System with my sister Rebecca McLain!

Dancing With Eternity – the audiobook has officially been released!

Dancing With Eternity is now an audio book

Dancing With Eternity is now an audio book

Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie (me) read my award-winning scifi novel, Dancing With Eternity. Called “mind blowing … pitch perfect … a stellar debut that shows why science fiction is still the most interesting genre today” and “a complex, cerebral, yet exciting science fiction thriller”, Dancing With Eternity is now realized as an audiobook complete with score and sound effects. Get it here:

Ellen’s husband John Patrick Lowrie is releasing his book Dancing With Eternity This Spring as an Audio Book!

Dancing With Eternity is now an audio book

Dancing With Eternity is now an audio book

The legendary Ellen McLain (voice of GLaDOS in the Portal games and Gipsy Danger in Guillermo del Toro‘s epic blockbuster, Pacific Rim)DSC_0234 - Version 2 joins her husband, John Patrick Lowrie (voice of the Sniper in Team Fortress 2, Sword Control in Halo Reach, Pudge, Storm Spirit et al in DOTA 2) in bringing to electrifying life John’s award-winning scifi epic, Dancing With Eternity.new_cover Produced by Jim French Productions in crisp detail complete with music and sound effects, the book becomes a cinematic experience that lets you move through the worlds and adventures of Steel, Mohandas and the crew of the starship Lightdancer as you never have before. Feel the tropical breezes of Vesper, the lonely desert winds of Eden, experience the NavNet and interstellar flight.8x10 final The score by the author captures the tension, the mystery and wonder of this story and propels you from chapter to chapter. Every word of the original novel is brought to life.

Ellen McLain stars as the enigmatic Steel, owner of her own starship, driven by forces that will only be discovered in time. Ellen also performs all the other female characters, bringing to each one a vitality and depth that you have come to expect from this award-winning actress. John Patrick Lowrie narrates as the unemployed actor, Mohandas, who is swept up in Steel’s feverish quest. Follow them as they explore the alien yet familiar social tapestry of 40th century humanity, a place where death is almost forgotten and intimacy enhanced by a telepathic internet that connects every single individual human mind.silvermoon

Dancing With Eternity, the award-winning, critically acclaimed science fiction novel, now an epic audio book. Look for it soon on,, and iTunes.

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