This was a triumph! VGA 2011 Pre-Show Part 2 – Includes Ellen’s Acceptance Speech – Posted by Chris Pope

Short sweet and to the point, the VGA pre-show really funneled the talent through fast. Say what you will, but to have so many guests and so much going on, I’m very happy with the respect they showed everyone, especially Ellen McLain. As always Ellen carried herself with the utmost amount of grace and modesty as she was interviewed.

Photo: Ellen McLain and Mark Hamill


Ellen’s husband John Patrick Lowrie(A star in his own right) stood to the side as he watched his wife receive the award. Both Ellen and John kept complete composure during the whole process. It is most likely a good thing I wasn’t with them, the publicist part of me would have wanted to stand in the back ground in full view of the camera with a “Dancing with Eternity” banner, while also trying to get a picture with Mark Hamill as well as twittering and facebooking to keep the social media family updated.


Spike’s interview allows everyone to see something that I think really makes the both of them shine, their love for one another. I have spent a good deal of time with the two of them, and little short spurts of time with them separately. When with one of them separately I have noticed that I can’t go more than a few minutes without the one I’m with bringing up something that involves the other one.

Even though it was Ellen that won the award, she’ll be the first to tell you that John is the one that really pushed and guided her into voice acting to begin with and without him she would have never landed the role of GLaDOS. Ellen makes it a point to mention John a couple of times during the interview and I dare say that if the interview would have had about another 30 seconds, she would have most likely started talking about how viewers could order John’s book.  She’s proud of him and how well his book as done. Incredible husband, incredible entertainer/actor, and incredible author, what’s not to love. You know how the saying goes, we’ve heard it all our lives.. “Behind every psychopathic GLaDOS stands an even more psychopathic Sniper“, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.


One thing is for certain, if I have not said it enough already, the fans have made this all possible. Valve is awesome, Portal 1 & 2 are two of the most legendary games I have ever played, Ellen truly is as talented, wonderful and incredibly sweet as she appears in the above video, but you fans out there that we were able to reach through sites like Twitter and Facebook really caused the votes to come in to make this all possible.


Post by: Chris Pope – Social Media Web Publicist for Ellen McLain – Chris Pope on Wikipedia

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