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Just what it is about Valve’s Portal franchise that makes it just so compelling and so habitually brilliant? Is it the gameplay? Is it the visuals? Is it fantastic ending themes or its endearing characters and personalities? The answer is that it’s actually an appropriately balanced confluence of all of these things. However, if you take away Portal’s personalities then the game looses its essence, an essence supremely cultivated by the iconic all consuming GlaDOS, the A.I lifeblood of Aperture Science.

Now that GlaDOS has successfully rebooted, TGL decided to catch up with the lady behind the omnipresent cold, calculated, vindictive and altogether hilarious musings of the one they call GlaDOS, Ms. Ellen McLain. Ellen tells us about her origins as a singer, what it’s like to voice GlaDOS and why she simply can’t choose a favourite between Still Alive and Want You Gone.

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